Loud and Crazy
Exactly what the title says. :) My life is loud and crazy. So buckle up, everyone!
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    i know you want to kill hitler, and we’re gonna do that! but it’s my time machine. so first, we go back to ‘96 and see space jam in theaters.

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    A man came to our class once,
    he claimed to be a fair judge
    with daughters he loved.

    He asked a question to the class:
    “When should a minor be tried
    as an adult?”
    and students began raising their hand

    he wrote it up on the board.

    he wrote it up on the board.

    I said, “Rape”
    and he paused, he asked
    for clarification

    “You mean violent rape?”

    “no I mean rape.
    It is all the same.”

    he looked to a boy
    who said “rape only if
    he used a weapon and
    hurt her.”

    and I said, “rape is rape,
    whether his weapon is a knife,
    drugs, or guilt. She said no.”

    he shook his head,
    and wrote
    “Violent rape” on the board

    I never understood,
    because you can kill somebody
    quietly and peacefully with drugs,
    or with guns and knives or cars;
    but nobody cares if the murder was “violent”

    it was still murder.

    #yesallwomen by Amanda Katherine Ricketson (via -poetic)

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  • Let me be something every minute of every hour of my life. Let me be happy and let me be kind. Let me be sincere, truthful, and courageous. Let me honorable, let me be faithful and let me love. Just let me be something every single minute. And when I sleep, let me dream all the time, so that not one little piece of living is ever lost.

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    whoever wrote this line needs to receive a medal

    I will reblog this until my fingers bleed

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  • Why can’t love like this exist in real life??? Ughhhhhh

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    Pretty self explanatory.

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    One day everything will be okay , I promise.

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    You told me I wasn’t beautiful and I believed you.

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    ~2 a.m. thoughs..

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